Live Dashboard

Send A Job lets you take a quick peek from any device at a snapshot of your service business. You are probably very busy and need constant updates on how your business is doing today. The live dashboard delivers key performance information by small and easy to understand widgets that you can also customize.

Jobs By Status

Send A Job’s job statuses help categorize the stages of a job. With a quick look, you can tell how many jobs are waiting, how many are on route and what’s already accomplished.

Your Numbers, Summed up

The revenue widgets show you your total sales and profit after commissions and cost. You also get a compression to yesterday’s numbers and a graph in the background to show you how this day measures up to the last 7.

Field service dashboard on mobile

What's Coming Up?

What are the next jobs that need attention, are jobs waiting too long to be dispatched. The “coming up” widget shows you the next 10 jobs that are waiting along with their tags.

Latest Activity By Users

The dashboard shows you the last activities done on your account by all users. You can monitor who logged in, from where and what changes were done. For a complete list of activities by users, you can always visit the activity report.

Scheduled jobs on Send A Job

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Live Dashboard

Live Dashboard

Live Dashboard